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News Today In Tech Update : 07- February, 2018

TECH NEWS BY @ShaikhInside
News Today In Tech Update : 07- February, 2018

👉UC Browser Claims 130 Million Users in India, Releases Video-Focused Update

👉Airtel’s ‘Mera Pehla Smartphones’ to Feature Hike’s Total Suite of Apps

👉HTC U11 Price Slashed in India; Now Available for ₹45,999

👉Apple Reportedly Shipped a Record 18 Million Apple Watch Units Last Year

👉Google, NCERT Join Hands to Bring ‘Digital Citizenship and Safety’ Training to Schools

👉Chinese Police Are Using Facial Recognition Glasses to Identify and Catch Suspects

👉Pornhub Bans AI-Generated Non-consensual ‘Deepfakes’ Porn Videos

👉Facebook Looking To Clone Snapchat’s Snap Map Feature

👉New Xiaomi Smartmi Products Include a Smart Humidifier, Heater and Car Power Inverter

👉HP Announces Updated EliteBook Laptops and ZBook Workstations

👉Twitch 2017 Stats: 355 Billion Minutes Watched, 15 Million Unique Daily Visitors

👉Flipkart Aims to Sell ₹5,000 Crore Worth of TVs in 2018

👉Latest Google Play Services Beta Update Apparently Fixes ‘Check For Update’ Button

👉Google Photos May Soon Let You View Shared Photos Without Installing The App

👉Microsoft Offers Free “OneDrive for Business” to Lure Google Drive, Dropbox Users

👉Apple Considering Rebates for Customers Who Paid Full Price for iPhone Batteries

👉HotSpot Shield VPN Vulnerability Leaking Data To Hackers

👉Facebook Hired Someone to answer the question that do people like Mark Zuckerburg

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👉🏿Apple-Shazam deal may hurt competition in Europe

👉🏿HP’s new Thunderbolt 3 USB-C dock has a modular Bang & Olufsen speaker on top

👉🏿Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro update brings camera fixes, key optimizations

👉🏿Amazon’s Echo Look style assistant gets a little bit smarter

👉🏿Twenty-five ‘new’ Jaguar D-Types to be built in original Le Mans specification

👉🏿Apple releases second iOS 11.3 public beta for iPhone and iPad

👉🏿Elon Musk’s space car set to overshoot Mars and hurtle towards asteroid belt


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