News Today In Tech Update : 31- January, 2018

TECH NEWS BY @ShaikhInside

👉Google Is Now Capable Of Predicting Flight Delays

👉Samsung India to Hire 1000 Engineering Graduates for its R&D Facilities

👉iOS 12 Will Focus on Reliability & Performance Over New Features

👉Vivaldi Browser Update Adds Vertical Reader Mode, Markdown For Notes, And More

👉GTA Online Receives New Update: Hardest Target Mode and More

👉Batman: Arkham Studio Rocksteady Teases Development of a New Game

👉Samsung Topples Intel to Become World's Largest Chipset Company

👉Google Launches New Digital Marketplace To Sell Cloud Apps And Services

👉U.S. Department of Justice Investigating Apple for Slowing down Older iPhones

👉Sony Might Finally be Ditching its Signature Design for a Modern Bezel-less Look

👉OnePlus Announces First Stable Android Oreo OTA Updates for OnePlus 5/5T

👉Harley-Davidson to Release its First Electric Motorcycle 'Within 18 Months'

👉Steve Wozniak No Longer Believes "Anything Elon Musk or Tesla Says"

👉Cake Secures $5 Million Funding for Tinder-like Swipeable Mobile Browser

👉EA Confirms Anthem Launch Delayed to 2019, New Battlefield Game Coming Soon

👉Google Removed over 700,000 Harmful Apps from the Play Store in 2017

👉Google Assistant Now Speaks Hindi

👉Instagram Adds Post Scheduling for Businesses

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News Today In Tech Update : 30- January, 2018

TECH NEWS BY @ShaikhInside

👉Xiaomi Releases Android KitKat-based MIUI 9 for the Redmi 1s

👉Jio Reportedly Working with MediaTek on an Android Oreo Go Smartphone

👉Xiaomi Mi A1 Kernel Sources Finally Released

👉HMD Global Launches the Nokia 3310 4G Variant in China

👉The Next Borderlands Game May Include The Boring Company's $500 Flamethrower

👉New York Attorney General Opens an Investigation on Fake Follower Factory Devumi

👉Instagram May Soon Introduce Video Calling in Direct Messages

👉Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops Have a Vulnerable Fingerprint Sensor

👉Qualcomm Will Pay $800 Million Anti-Trust Fine in Taiwan in Installments

👉Tesla Cars Will Soon Adjust Their Sound System According to Ambient Noise

👉UK To Fine Companies Up To $24 Million If They Don't Meet Cybersecurity Standards

👉Volvo to Launch its First Electric Car Next Year: Report

👉Samsung Electronics Launches 800GB Z-SSD for AI and IoT Applications

👉Microsoft Acquires Gaming Services Startup PlayFab

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👉🏿Apple’s Decision to Delay Some New Features and Focus on Software Quality Extends to Mac

👉🏿Xiaomi Mi A1 users report battery, fingerprint sensor issues after Oreo update

👉🏿Experts Want Facebook To End Its Messaging App For Kids

👉🏿Elon Musk Says He’s Sold 10,000 Flamethrowers Through His Boring Co. Website

👉🏿Amazon’s Super Bowl ad preview teases new voices for Alexa

👉🏿Amazon gets into healthcare with Warren Buffet and JPMorgan

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First 5G smartphones with download speed more than 10Gbps to be available from 2019 : Shaikh Inside

First 5G smartphones with download speed more than 10Gbps to be available from 2019

First 5G smartphones with download speeds faster than 10 Gbps will be available in US and Asian markets by 2019, says Qualcomm CEO

The year is 2019 and you are able to download the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy movie set in just 10 minutes!!! Sounds too good to be true. But this will be the future according to Steven Mollenkopf. As of now, we are surfing the net at 4G speeds which means that we can theoretically download movies/tv shows/files etc. at 100Mbps speeds where it is available though, in reality only Japanese and South Korean telecom companies give near that of speeds.

Steven Mollenkopf, chief executive of the world’s top maker of smartphone chips, Qualcomm said that the first of 5G smartphones will be available for sale to users in 2019 in several Asian countries and the United States. Like 4G tech, in this case also, the 5G smartphones will first be available in Japan and South Korea before coming to the United States of America. However, what is worth noting is that the year 2019 is a year earlier than 2020 projected earlier for 5G technology launch.

What is 5G?

5G standards are not yet finalized and the most advanced services are still in the pre-commercial phase. They will be significantly ahead of what’s currently available with 4G. A minimum expectation for commercial 5G services is for them to be tens of times faster than 4G, which would make even current broadband speeds look like snail pace in comparison.

How fast will be 5G?

The Next Generation Mobile Networks alliance states that for something to be considered 5G it must offer data rates of several tens of megabits per second to tens of thousands of users simultaneously, while a minimum of 1 gigabit per second should be offered to tens of workers on the same office floor.
That’s all a little vague, but the signs are promising. Some estimates put download speeds at up to 1000 times faster than 4G, potentially exceeding 10Gbps. That would enable you to download an entire HD film in less than a second.

Why 5G tech is coming in 2019 instead of 2020?

Mollenkopf gave his own reason saying in an interview that rising consumer and business demands were forcing the industry to accelerate its previous 2020 timeline to upgrade to new networks and devices.

“You will see it (5G) in real devices, on the shelf, in 2019. And if I were to answer that same question a year ago, I would have said 2020”, Mollenkopf said in an interview on the sidelines of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

However, it is well known that Nokia, Qualcomm, and other 5G tech players have been conducting pre-commercial tests and according to reports, all the tests have been successful. That could pep up the year of launch by a year. Commercialisation of 5G tech is also vital to the fortunes of makers of network equipment gear such as Huawei, Nokia, and Ericsson.

5G is also important for smartphone makers like Samsung and Apple who have been left with no innovative ideas as can be seen at the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone X which are a copy of the same old same old. 5G tech could provide fresh impetus to Samsung and Apple before the other smaller players can lay their hands on the 5G tech which will be expensive at the launch before rationalizing with the economies of scale.

Unlike the prior upgrades of cellular standards 2G in the early 1990s, 3G just around the millennium and 4G in 2010, 5G standards will deliver not just faster phone or computer data but link up cars, machines, cargo and crop equipment to the Internet providing a impetus to the Internet of Things.

The Qualcomm executive said South Korea, Japan, and the United States all now had several network operators in each market preparing mainstream network launches in 2019, with China likely to join this early wave rather than lag behind.

“I think you will see the typical first movers — Korea, Japan and the United States,” he said referring to the history of 3G and 4G cellular network upgrades when South Korea and Japan moved first and the United States quickly followed.

“You will see robust demand in all of those locations, meaning that there are multiple operators wanting to be first and not be left behind. (Most) will have a different deployment strategy or goal,” he said, fuelling competition for new users.

China, far and away the world’s largest market for phones, has traditionally lagged behind these early adopters, but Mollenkopf said they are likely to join the first movers to 5G.

“What we are seeing in China is a real desire not to be a follower and to launch with everyone else. That’s new this time. From a geopolitical perspective, certain regions of the world just don’t want to be late to that game,” he said.

It is believed that the 5G tech will be first showcased at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, in February 2018.

So, come 2019 and we will be surfing the internet at the speed of a zooming comet!

News Today In Tech Update : 29- January, 2018

News Today In Tech Update : 29- January, 2018.

TECH NEWS BY @ShaikhInside

👉Nokia to Roll out ReefShark Chips Featuring 84Gbps 5G Network

👉Moto G6 Play Renders and Specifications Leaked Online

👉WhatsApp Messenger Now Supports Apple CarPlay

👉Facebook Shares 7 Commandments of Privacy on Data Privacy Day

👉Microsoft Pushes New Windows Update to Disable Intel’s Buggy Spectre Fix

👉Apple Reportedly Cutting Distributor Margins to End Online Discounts in India

👉Slickwraps Leaks Customers’ Data Publicly on Trustpilot

👉Xiaomi Launches Mi Band 2 “Nirvana in Fire” Special Edition in China

👉SpaceX’s Huge Falcon Heavy Rocket to Take Maiden Flight on February 6

👉Moto X4 with 6GB RAM and Android Oreo Launched in India at ₹24,999

👉Celebrities and Influencers Reportedly Buy Fake Twitter Followers

👉Google All Set to Showcase Mobile AR Gaming at GDC 2018

👉Paytm Now Valued Above $10 Billion After Employees Sell Stocks

👉Paytm Partners with AGTech to Launch Mobile Gaming Platform Gamepind

👉DuckDuckGo Recommends iOS over Android for Better Data Privacy

👉Facebook Announces $1Mn in Scholarships to Journalism Students

👉Fitness Tracking App Strava Accidentally Reveals Secret Army Base Locations

👉OnePlus (Once Again) Refutes Allegations About Clipboard Data Being Sent to China

👉The Galaxy S9 to Bring an 'Intelligent Scan' Face Recognition Feature

👉Bananacoin is a Real Cryptocurrency that is Based on Banana Prices

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👉🏿Windows emergency patch: Microsoft's new update kills off Intel's Spectre fix

👉🏿Facebook Announces Series of Updates Aimed at Improving User Privacy

👉🏿Moto X4 variant with 6 GB of RAM launches in India

👉🏿Fitness App’s ‘Anonymized’ Data Dump Accidentally Reveals Military Bases Around the World

👉🏿WhatsApp Messenger Now Officially Supports Apple CarPlay

👉🏿Apple’s 2018 Variant of iPhones Will Get iPhone X’s Design Style


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News Today In Tech Update : 28- January, 2018

Tech News By @ShaikhInside

👉🏿Elon Musk is Selling $500 Flamethrowers Now

👉🏿New York’s attorney general is investigating a company that sells fake followers on social media

👉🏿Amazon has created a new computing platform that will future-proof your home

👉🏿Google quietly starts selling its AI-powered Clips camera

👉🏿Google Maps may soon let users add or remove places they have visited

👉🏿Elon Musk wants to launch giant SpaceX Mars rocket Feb. 6

👉🏿Facebook to give scholarships to journalism students

👉🏿'Game of Thrones' star Maisie Williams says show returns April 2019
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These 10 sites allow legal and free software download : Shaikh Inside

These 10 sites allow legal and free software download : Shaikh Inside

Software can be expensive; very often a single-copylicense can cost much more than what you paid for your computer. Thankfully, there are bona fide internet resources from where you can get free and legal software that meet your needs.

1- Ninite

If you have bought a new computer, Ninite is a one-stop shop that allows you to install a whole bunch of utilities and tools in a single swoop. On its main page, you will find over 80 titlesin categories such a web browsers, media players, photo imagers, office productivity suites, security tools, and utilities.

Select whatever software you want, and Ninite creates a single installation file which you will need to download and run. From here on, the service does the rest. It picks the right 32- or 64-bit version of the software for your PC and it even opts out of third-party toolbars and add-on prompts that appear in the middle of an installation process.

The Ninite installer even updates the software you’ve chosen. Just run it every few months to download and install their latest stable versions.

2- File Hippo

Between these three websites, you can find software for each and every computing task you can think of.

File Hippo divides its downloads into 18 categories, including anti-virus, compression tools, file sharing, office productivity and photo imaging.

On its main page, it carries a list of its ‘Top 10’ most popular downloads. It alsohas a section for businesssoftware, where youcan find programs for accounting, project management, sales, marketing and human resources.

The website even has a ‘Reviews’ section, and we recommend you browse through its contents to discover new and useful programs.

3- File Puma

File Puma is similar to File Hippo in its offerings. Only, here, on its homepage itself, you get an upfront listing of the top six software in each category.

Both, websites have free downloadable tools – the File Hippo App Manager and File Puma Update Detector – that scan your PC for installed applications, and let you know if there are new releases available.

4- File Horse

File Horse does not have as huge a software collection as File Hippo and File Puma. Instead, you get a selection of curated downloads. Also, File Horse maintains an archive of previous versions of software just in case you’re more comfortable with older iterations of certain titles.

5- Productivity tools:

If you have a Google ID, you already have access to Google Docs that comprises Docs for word processing, Sheets for spreadsheets, and Slides for presentations. All the files and documents you create and edit in this web-based office suite are stored on your Google Drive.

6- Productivity tools:

Sign up for a free account, and you get up to 1GB storage, and access to Writer,Sheet and Showfor documents, spreadsheets and presentations, respectively.

Now, whileZoho’s user interfaceis quitedifferent from what you see in Microsoft Office, it is still packed with features that are intuitive to use.

7- Productivity tools:

If you use an iPhone, iPad or Mac and have an Apple ID, you also get its iWork Office Suite with 5GB iCloud Storage. There’s Pages for document editing, Numbers for spreadsheets and Keynote for presentations.

Like it is with Zoho Docs, it might take a while for MS Office users to get accustomed to the iWork’s look and feel, but you still get all the features you need to be productive.

All three office suites, allow you to invite other users to read and edit your files for collaborative working. You can access your data from multiple machines so long as you have an internetconnection, and youcan also download your files and documents from these suites in formats that can be further edited in other software.

8- Image edition:

This online image editor lets you edit your photos and create digital paintings in your web browser. You can open and save images from your hard drive or thecloud. Like Adobe Photoshop, itlets you work with layers, filters, brushes, shapes; it comes with controls for colour adjustments, and youeven get a floating toolbar, comprising stamp-clone, ink, eraser, magic-wand, gradient-fill, etc. All you have to do, is open the picture you want to edit in the app, work on it using the myriad tools at your disposal, and then save the finished image onto your PC.

9- Image editing:

Almost similar to Sumo Paint in every possible way, it’s really a toss-up over which Flash-based online tool you would prefer to use.

Try both out, before you decide which one works better for you.

10- Image editing:

This vector-illustration web app is from the same folk who have developed Pixlr. Here, you get every possible tool that will allow you to create logos, banners, icons, sketches and more. The web site even has tutorial videos that will familiarise you with allthetools and featuresthat thisFlash-based graphic software has to offer.

When looking for free software downloads and cloud apps, you don’t need to limit yourself to just the websites listed in this feature. What you should do, however, is cross-check the source’s authenticity, and the nature of its offerings. The services listed below analyse a website by checking its URL with blacklist engines and online reputation tools to detect fraudulent and malicious activities.

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News Today In Tech Update : 27- January, 2018

News Today In Tech Update : 27- January, 2018

TECH NEWS BY @ShaikhInside

👉Lenovo Announces Virtual Reality Classroom; Comes with Mirage Solo Headset

👉Overwatch Developer to Crackdown Bad Behavior via Players' YouTube Videos

👉Reliance Jio Looking to Grab Exclusive Rights to Sell Xiaomi TVs in India

👉Intel's Next-Gen Chips to Feature Built-in Protection Against Spectre & Meltdown

👉Nokia 7 Plus with Snapdragon 660 Spotted on Geekbench; Tipped for MWC Launch

👉Rebble Plans To Keep Pebble Smartwatches Running Even After Support Ends

👉Apple Said to Launch Only One OLED iPhone This Year

👉Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Now Allows Trading in Real Time

👉Samsung Wants to Use Your Blood Pressure to Authenticate Device Access

👉YouTube Ads Affected by Malicious Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts

👉Twitter Now Allows Publishers to Sponsor Moments

👉Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Break Cover, Resemble Galaxy S8

👉Chrome OS-powered Acer Tablet Apparently Leaked at BETT 2018

👉Facebook Launches Gaming Creator Pilot Program to Lure Twitch Streamers

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Airtel Rs 399 recharge offer now has 84 days validity, total of 84GB data: Shaikh Inside

Airtel has revamped its Rs 399 recharge plan with unlimited calls and 1GB daily data to increase the validity to 84 days from the current 70 days. This will now compete with Jio's Rs 399 plan.

Airtel has revamped its Rs 399 recharge plan with unlimited calls and 1GB daily data to increase the validity to 84 days from the current 70 days.

Airtel has revamped its Rs 399 recharge plan with unlimited calls and 1GB daily data and increased the validity to 84 days from the current 70 days. While we were unable to see the 84 day validity limit on a Delhi Airtel number for this Rs 399 plan, other news publications have posted screenshots with the new validity. Airtel has not yet officially confirmed if the plan’s validity has been changed.

The Rs 399 plan now effectively offers 84GB of data, given this has 1GB data per day. The plan is applicable on both 3G/4G networks and includes unlimited calls on both local and STD for customers. Airtel still has its 250 minutes per day and 1000 minutes per week limit on the unlimited calls. The plan also includes free outgoing roaming (National) for users.

Airtel’s Rs 399 plan will take on Reliance Jio’s Rs 399 plan, which comes with a similar 84-day validity and 1GB daily data along with unlimited calls. Rival Jio had recently revamped its plans slashing prices across board and increasing daily data limits.  In Jio’s case, the Rs 399 recharge has free SMS as well, though it is limited to 100 per day and the plan includes complimentary subscription to Jio’s suite of apps. However, Jio also has a Rs 398 recharge with 1.5GB daily data for customers along with free unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day.

The Rs 399 recharge plan is not the only one that Airtel has revamped in light of growing competition from Reliance Jio. Airtel’s Rs 149 plan now comes with 1GB daily and unlimited calls, similar to Jio’s Rs 149 recharge plan, which offers the exact same features to customers. However, Airtel’s Rs 149 plan is limited to Andhra and Telangana circle only for now. So customers in other cities will probably not see the new Rs 149 plan from the company.

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News Today In Tech Update : 26- January, 2018

News Today In Tech Update : 26- January, 2018

TECH NEWS BY @ShaikhInside

👉Sonos Is Trying to Beat the HomePod; Offering Two Smart Speakers for $349

👉PUBG Corp Is Giving Xbox Players 30,000 Battle Points

👉Motion Twin's "Dead Cells" is Coming Soon to the Xbox One

👉Duck Duck Go has Launched its New, Privacy Focused Browser

👉Twitter is Reportedly Working on a Video Service Similar to Snapchat

👉Google is Working on Hyperlocal Community News Service 'Bulletin'

👉Walmart Teams Up with Rakuten to Beat Amazon Kindle in the US

👉Apple Might Be Renaming 'iBooks' to 'Books'

👉Lyft Employees May Have Been Peeping into Users' Personal Data

👉Teens are Still Eating Tide-Pods and The Future Looks Bleak

👉Moto E5 Leaked in New Renders; Shows Rear Mounted Fingerprint Scanner

👉Fitbit To Euthanize Pebble Watch Ecosystem by June 2018

👉Amazon's First Ad for the Echo Spot is Full of Feels

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👉🏿Apple’s HomePod is now available to preorder, first orders arriving February 9

👉🏿Google is building a local news service that anyone can contribute to

👉🏿Tesla opens another giant 50-stall Supercharger station – largest in the world

👉🏿Microsoft’s ‘Ink to Code’ builds an app UI from your sketches

👉🏿Digitimes claims Apple will only launch one new OLED iPhone this year

👉🏿Apple now given permission to move employees into five of the 12 Apple Park sections

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Xiaomi announced development of MIUI 10 based on Android: Shaikh Inside

Xiaomi has announced the development of MIUI 10, its upcoming firmware based on Android. Hong Feng, vice president of Xiaomi, is said to have announced the MIUI 10 at an assembly meeting in China. At the annual event, the company discusses and reveals key developments of their MIUI milestones every year.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi has already started to roll out the MIUI 9.2 update for some smartphones that are on MIUI 9 already. Also, recently Xiaomi had listed the 40 smartphones that are eligible for the MIUI 9 update on Weibo.

According to a report in MyDrivers, Xiaomi has said major research and development efforts of the MIUI team will now be moved from MIUI 9 to MIUI 10. Additionally, Xiaomi also shared an image of the event on Chinese micro-blogging website Weibo. It is clear from the reports, that the main focus for MIUI 10 developers will be artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Last year in July, Xiaomi had launched MIUI 9, the current version of its MIUI custom Android ROM. The MIUI 9 was launched with the Xiaomi Mi 5X. Some of the new features of MIUI 9 included faster app load times, new design elements, lock screen shortcuts, split-screen feature, and more. Xiaomi claims to have optimised the system to enable faster app loading and boost performance.

As we mentioned, MIUI 9.2 Global Stable Update is now rolling out for smartphones like Xiaomi Redmi 5A, Redmi Y1 Lite, Redmi Y1, Mi Mix 2, Redmi 5, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi 4 Prime, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi Note. The MIUI 9.2 has brought several changes like Add to favorites icon adjustments, simplified design for virus scan result page, and hiding free and incompatible themes in the list of the purchased items. Additionally, Mi Mover now supports data migration restarting, which helps restore data migration on a new smartphone, even in case of interruption.

Notably, there is no information from Xiaomi on the timelines for MIUI 10 coming to smartphones from the company’s bandwagon.

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News Today In Tech Update : 25- January, 2018

News Today In Tech Update : 25- January, 2018 

TECH NEWS BY @ShaikhInside

👉Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Was India's Best-selling Smartphone of 2017: Counterpoint Research

👉Facebook to Launch a Privacy Control Center for Users Worldwide

👉Microsoft Addresses Windows 10 Privacy Concerns with New Diagnostic Data Viewer

👉Rapper 50 Cent Joins the Bitcoin Millionaire Club

👉PUBG's New Patch Adds Anti-Cheat Measures, Upgrades Pre-Match Lobby

👉Google Chrome 64 for Desktop Brings Auto-Muting, Spectre and Meltdown Patches, and More

👉Screen Guards Might Adversely Affect Vivo's In-display Fingerprint Scanner

👉Apple Takes On WhatsApp with Business Chat Integration in iMessage

👉Reddit Makes Two-Factor Authentication Available for All Users

👉YouTube Invests $5 Million For Promoting More Positive Video Content

👉Qualcomm Signs MoUs Worth $2 Billion with Lenovo, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo

👉Ubisoft Launches Sam, A Virtual Assistant Only For Gamers

👉Scientists Say Human Cloning Not Their Goal, After Cloning Monkeys For The First Time

👉Logan Paul Returns to YouTube with Suicide Prevention Video

👉Xiaomi Pips Samsung To Become Top Smartphone Maker in India in Q4 2017

👉Samsung Confirms Galaxy S9 Launch Dates: Teases Huge Camera Upgrades

👉Google Parent Alphabet Gives Birth to a New Cybersecurity Focused Offspring: Chronicle

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👉🏿Cheap data is fuelling a porn boom in India

👉🏿Google rolls out new addition to 'Mute This Ad' feature

👉🏿Google Chrome now lets you permanently mute annoying websites

👉🏿Twitter ‘Taking Cues’ From Snapchat and Testing Update That Makes the Camera More Accessible

👉🏿Samsung Launches 860 PRO, 860 EVO Solid State Drives in India

👉🏿iOS 11.3 Firmware Subtly Hints at iPad With Face ID

👉🏿iOS 11.3 Finally Allows Sorting of App Store Reviews

👉🏿Google Pay branding already spotted on Pixel 2 XL devices
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News Today In Tech Update : 24- January, 2018

News Today In Tech Update : 24- January, 2018

TECH NEWS By @ShaikhInside

👉Anthony Noto Quits as Twitter CEO to Join Online Lender SoFi

👉Rumored 6.1-Inch iPhone to Feature LCD Display and Under-Display Fingerprint Scanner

👉Google Reportedly Begins Testing H.265 Codec Testing for Duo

👉Study Finds Sporty, Outdoorsy Teens Happier Than Their Screen-Addicted Friends

👉The Google I/O 2018 Preview Website is a Labyrinth of Riddles and Teasers For Google Fans

👉Donald Trump Blames Samsung Over 50,000 Missing FBI Messages

👉Google Releases Chrome 64 for Android with Sitewide Audio Muting & More

👉Siri is Actively Used on Over Half a Billion Devices, Reveals Apple

👉Samsung Announces New 860 PRO and 860 EVO Solid State Drives

👉Steam Lunar New Year Sale Will Reportedly Begin on February 15

👉YouTube Rolls Out Consolidated 'Official Artist Channels'

👉JDI Shows off a New Transparent Glass Fingerprint Scanner

👉Mobile Quiz Bug Bites China as a Slew of HQ Trivia Clones Emerge

👉Adobe Photoshop CC Update Brings Sensei AI to Simplify Object Selection

👉India’s Top-selling Feature Phone in Q4 2017 was Jio Phone, with 27% Market Share

👉Moto X4 with 6GB RAM Expected to Be Launched in India on February 1

👉Your Tinder Swipes, Matches And Photos Can Be Easily Hacked on Public Wi-Fi

👉Firefox 58 for Android Brings Progressive Web Apps Support, FLAC Playback and More

👉DJI Mavic Air Unveiled: Foldable Design, 4K Recording, 32 MP Panoramas and More

👉God of War is Coming to the PS4 on April 20

👉Biometric Authentication Startup Acquired by Facebook

👉New WhatsApp Beta for Android Will Come with Animated Stickers

👉Snapchat Now Allows You to Share Stories Outside the App

👉MX Player Reportedly Acquired by Times Internet for $200 Million

👉WhatsApp Releases Notification Channels For Android Oreo, But It Just Does Not Work

👉Google Is Bringing Augmented Reality to the Web with 3D Objects

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👉🏿Apple confirms iOS 11.3 will let you turn off controversial throttling of older iPhones

👉🏿Astro email app now includes a built-in calendar

👉🏿Facebook to give privacy controls to users ahead of European law

👉🏿IBM is sending Watson to the Grammys

👉🏿MIT researchers say new chip design takes us closer to computers that work like our brains

👉🏿Apple to launch Health Records app with HL7’s FHIR specifications at 12 hospitals

👉🏿Plex VR lets you virtually watch movies with your friends

👉🏿Android 8.0 Oreo soak test begins for Moto Z2 Play in Brazil


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When you get a new hard disk, you have to format it before it can receive data but what is the meaning of formatting, or what happens when you format a disk ? When you format a partition using the GUI or the "format" command or the good old "Fdisk" , Windows will create a file system which means the disk is ready to accept data.

This file system is just a #table which is called FAT (File Allocation Table) or NTFS (New Technology File System). This table will contain names and addresses of files stored on the disk. In other words, every file that you save, will have its exact location (physical address) on the hard disk. So when you save or place any file in the disk, Windows will create some numbers representing the sectors (very small parts of the disk) in which the file reside then place those numbers in the file system table. Then when you double click to open a certain file, Windows will take the file name then check the table to see the numbers (addresses) of the sectors where the file is located on the hard drive and then it Windows() directs the #head of the hard disk to move to those sectors and read their contents , after that the file opens.

When you #delete a file, Windows removes the numbers (the address of the file) from the the file system table. That means , the deleted file is technically there on the hard disk but it's location is not known. The icon (not the contents) representing the file will be placed in Recycle Bin. The reference of the file is removed from the table but the file itself is there hiding somewhere on the disk. The sectors the file occupies will be marked as free (free space) that's why other new files can occupy those sectors.

When you use a recovery software, the software will bring the numbers back and put them in the table making the file accessible again.When you delete all files and re-format the disk then you will have "permanently" lost the files because the entire table will be gone. but even after formatting, there are some advanced tools that can #recreate the table with all its contents thus recovering all the data. - @ShaikhInside

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Reliance Jio Republic Day Offer: Per day data limit hiked by 500 MB on budget plans: Shaikh Inside

Reliance Jio Republic Day Offer: Per day data limit hiked by 500 MB on budget plans: Shaikh Inside

Reliance JIO Infocomm (Jio) has revised its tariff plans for the second time in two weeks, offering 500 Mb more data at the same price points, saying it was bettering bitter rival Bharti Airtel's recent offers, underlining the continuing tariff war which will hurt average revenue per user further.

The Mukesh Ambani-led telco, with some 160 million users, Tuesday said customers who were getting 1GB a day for Rs 149, Rs 349, Rs 399 andRs 449 plans will now get 1.5 GB every day with validity of 28 days, 70 days, 84 days and 91 days, respectively.

Subscribers will get 2GB a day instead of 1.5GB per day if they opt for plans priced at Rs 198, Rs 398, Rs 448 and Rs 498 with a validity of 28 days, 70 days, 84 days and 91 days, respectively.
"These plans have been launched as a response to Airtel's tariff changes," a company executive said. The new offers are effective January 26.

Under a recently revised plan, Airtel's subscribers will get 1.4 GB data per day if they recharge for Rs 199, Rs 448 and Rs 509. Those who recharge for Rs 349 will get 2.5GB data per day, as compared to 2GB data earlier. Prices may vary according to circles, Airtel said.

"Jio is playing a capacity game because if incumbents have to catch up, then they need to provide more data, which is difficult because they are yet to convert to VoLTE services," said a senior telecom analyst who did not want to be named.

Analysts say the Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology is allowing the new entrant more flexibility, as it allows more efficient use of the same spectrum.

Bank of America-Merrill Lynch said in a report that given Jio's lower costs, the new entrant would always want its pricing to be 15-20% lower than that of its rivals.

"Competitor response will determine future pricing," BoFA-ML added.
While Jio's entire network is built on VoLTE, Airtelhas just rolled out the technology for its users, and is expanding it across India. Vodafone has also just launched the service in Gujarat while Idea is testing it out.

The analyst, quoted above, added that that the new plans, available to the customers from January 26, could hit the average revenue per user (ARPU) - a key industry metric - of the players by 20-30%. That is because many of the subscribers would want to now move down to lower rate plans, which offer similar data benefits, thus hurting revenue.

Jio clocked in an ARPU of Rs 154 compared to Rs123 of Airtel for the quarter to December. Idea's ARPU, which too has been falling, is expected at around Rs 115 when the company reports results Wednesday.

To get customers at the lowest price range possible with highest data offering, Jio now is offering 2GB for 28 days for Rs 98. Incumbents Bharti Airtel and Vodafone for Rs 98 and Rs 99 offer respectively its customers 1GB for the same period.

Jio, in its third quarter results, had said that it will continue to offer 20% more than competition to its customers. This will be Jio's second tariff revision in the new year and price war is mainly on data packages.

Brokerage UBS said Jio's management had suggested the company's focus on market share gain and offering higher value to customer compared to incumbents. "We believe APRU increase for the industry is more likely a CY19 story as top three operators continue to vie for market share stability in CY18."

The Mukesh Ambani-led company, which upended the market since its entry in September 2016 with its initially free voice and data offerings, posted a profit of Rs 504 crore and a 12% on-quarter increase in revenue to Rs 6,879 crore in the three months ended December.

The new offers are meant for telco's Prime subscribers, who are the set of subscribers that have taken up the one-time annual membership fee of Rs 99.

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News Today In Tech Update : 23- January, 2018

TECH NEWS BY @ShaikhInside

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How To Receive All Your Android SMS On PC : Shaikh Inside

How To Receive All Your Android SMS On PC : Shaikh Inside

🔹 Many of you works on your PC for a long  and at that  it looks quite difficult to pickup android and read out every SMS  received on it.

🔹 Mostly when you device is on charging and you working at distance from it.

 🔹Steps To Get All Your Android SMS On PC:-

  1. First of all download and install app Mighty Text in your android device.

  2. Now in your Google Chrome browser add the extension Mighty Text.

  3. Now open the app you will need an initial pair up with your PC as it will be done over wifi network on which both the devices being connected.

  4. Now when you setup is done now you will see your android name on the icon when you click on it.

  5. Thats it all done, now when you android receive any SMS it will transfer on your extension of PC and you can read it there.

 With this setup you can get all your messages on your computer screen and can get rid of picking up your android again and again to read each SMS, just tap on the notification and watch out every message received. - @ShaikhInside

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5 Best BHIM UPI Apps in India for Digital Payments : Shaikh Inside

5 Best UPI Apps in India for Digital Payments : Shaikh Inside

UPI apps have changed the way of making payments. Though slowly but they are replacing all other payment options including cash. Google play store is flooded with a lot of BHIM UPI apps. Some of them are best UPI apps and some are bad.
In this post, I have included the top 5 best UPI apps among all UPI apps. I have personally used and tested all these apps to make the list worthwhile. Keep in mind that you can use any of the UPI apps available in the play store. For example, if you have a bank account in ICICI, you add this account to SBI Pay, BHIM, Tez or any other UPI app.
UPI apps are bank independent so you don’t need to worry about it. If the app by your bank is not good enough, throw it out and grab another best UPI app from the below list.

1. Google Tez App

The Google Tez is a late entrant. But it has rapidly made inroads among the masses. However, the main draw of its rapid progress is the Reward program of the Tez. But, the interface of the Tez is also very simple. This app is even simpler than the BHIM app.
The Google has powered this app with four big banks. Thus, you can use any of the bank for the back-end transaction. You should know that UPI transaction is done through the banks.
Also, Tez has a unique feature of ‘Cash Mode‘. In this mode you can transfer money very easily to person who is nearby to you. You don’t need to input any detail for such transfer. It is just like the Shareit transfer, where you can see the recipients of a limited area. This technology works on sound-waves.
However, Google Tez is not as much feature rich as the BHIM. If you are not paying in ‘Cashe mode’, there are more steps for the fund transfer.


SBI Pay is the standalone UPI app of State Bank of India. The app is secure and easy to use. The user interface of the app is one of the simplest. User experience is also great as transactions can be completed with 3-4 steps only. The icons for almost all main services are placed on its home screen. And other options can be accessed with a single swipe from the left. It has all major UPI services comprising send and request money, balance inquiry and set/change UPI PIN aka MPIN.
Unlike BHIM, you can add more than one bank accounts in SBI Pay. You can select the preferred account from added accounts whereby you need not choose bank account every time. However, the app also has some drawbacks. One of them is app’s speed. The loading speed of the app is slower than a turtle. When I was testing the app, it took around 1.5-2 minutes to launch on 4G network. Although the speed improved after the app was launched. Download SBI Pay and enjoy its simplicity, ease and security.


The first UPI app in the list of best UPI apps is BHIM UPI app. This app is developed and released by NPCI. It is perhaps the simplest and fastest UPI app available in the play store. The interface of the app is minimal with blue icons and white background.
You can access each of its services with just a single click. Also, you can complete a transaction or change your bank account with three to five clicks only. User experience with the app is very good. I haven’t faced any lag or hiccups while making transactions.
BHIM UPI app has all the UPI features. These include sending or requesting money, changing or setting UPI PIN, checking balance and generating QR codes etc. You can send money using VPA, mobile number or QR code of the beneficiary. NPCI has also included IFSC and account number method with the last update.

4. Axis Pay

Axis Bank’s Axis Pay is a great UPI app. It has the cleanest interface among all the UPI apps. Developers have placed only two options on its home screen. One for sending money and another for requesting money. All other options are placed in the side panel which can be accessed by swiping from the left. It made the app slightly tougher to use than other UPI apps. You have to swipe the side panel every time you want to use a service other than send and request.
Axis Pay app is secured by an app 6 digit app password. The user experience is good as the app is fast enough to provide you seamless transaction experience. However, the app has more steps than most of the other UPI apps while sending money. You must need to add an account as a contact within the app before sending money.
Moreover, Axis Pay app does give you the option to generate a QR code. It can also pay using Bharat QR code.

5. PhonePe App

The PhonePe app is another feature rich UPI app. The app is not only a UPI app but also a mobile wallet. It is the second fastest grown UPI app after BHIM app. The app has all the UPI features as well as mobile wallet features. When we talk about interface, it is one of the nicest looking UPI apps. Developers have chosen a nice color combination to design the app. The app is not only good looking but also contains all must have features.
All other UPI apps are meant to send money only. But PhonePe is capable of recharging and paying bills using UPI. The app works well on slow network connections also. It is available in 8 languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali etc. You can send and request money, generate and scan QR code, set/change UPI PIN with the app. You can also check your bank balance which is also a great feature of UPI. PhonePe app can send money using a mobile number only. However, the beneficiary number must be registered with UPI.

Also Try – PNB UPI

PNB UPI is another one of the best UPI apps available. The app is developed and released by Punjab National Bank. The interface of the app is pretty good but not as good as BHIM or SBI Pay. It lets you send and request money to your account to another. You can send money using VPA or IFSC and account number. It does not let you send money using mobile number only. The speed of the app is also decent. The app sometimes lags due to slow network connection. But if you have good internet connection then there is no problem.
PNB UPI also allows you to pay by scanning a QR code. However, it does not have the option to generate a QR code. This can be very annoying especially for merchants and shopkeepers. All other services are present in the app such as set/change UPI PIN, balance inquiry, adding more than one account and viewing past transactions etc. If you do not consider the looks or QR codes more, then this app is for you. But if you prefer an app which should be clean and simple then go for another app.
These were the best UPI apps for digital payments. These best UPI apps can help you to contribute to the government’s Digital India campaign. Install one of these best UPI apps and forget about cash payments. All these UPI apps are great in terms of features and security. You can choose one that suits your needs most.

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Reliance Jio Republic Day Offer: Per day data limit hiked by 500 MB on budget plans: Shaikh Inside

Reliance Jio Republic Day Offer: Per day data limit hiked by 500 MB on budget plans: Shaikh Inside Reliance JIO Infocomm (Jio) ...

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