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News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

​👉🏿Xiaomi Mi Mix to get Android Nougat
👉🏿YouTube Plans to Add More Video Effects to Its Apps
👉🏿Samsung’s Gear VR browser gets improved WebVR content support
👉🏿Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) press renders and specs leaked
👉🏿Latest Nougat beta update for the Galaxy S7 Edge fixes rebooting issue
👉🏿Five Nokia Smartphones May Be Released Next Year #news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 🌍 Facebook :@OfficerShaikh
🌍 Twitter : @ThisIsShaikh

News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

​👉🏿KFC launches Artificial Intelligence-enabled outlet in Beijing
👉🏿LG 360-degree floating speaker lands to charge wirelessly
👉🏿LG G6 might be launched a month early
👉🏿CyanogenMod website unreachable, project will continue as LineageOS
👉🏿Some Nexus 6P devices are affected by bootloop issues
👉🏿Latest Windows 10 Leaked Build Includes Blue Light Filter
👉🏿Samsung Galaxy S8 RAM Expected To Be 8GB #news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 🌍 Facebook : @OfficerShaikh
🌍 Twitter : @ThisIsShaikh 

News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

​👉🏿Google Maps’ Santa Tracker Goes Live on iOS
👉🏿Cyanogen finds another way to flail by shutting down all services Dec 31st
👉🏿Google Home now works with some Sony speakers and Android TVs
👉🏿Firefox On Windows XP & Vista To Be Support Until September 2017
👉🏿Alleged BlackBerry DTEK70 ‘Mercury’ Render Leaked
👉🏿The Galaxy S9 and iPhone 9 might actually fold in half
👉🏿Huawei Honor 8 to get Android 7.0 Nougat via EMUI 5.0
👉🏿YubiKey for Windows Hello brings hardware-based 2FA to Windows 10  #news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 🌍 Facebook : @OfficerShaikh
🌍 Twitter : @ThisIsShaikh

News today in tech update :

​👉🏿YouTube now supported by PlayStation VR
👉🏿China launches satellite to monitor carbon dioxide
👉🏿Google’s public Wi-Fi service now covers over 100 railway stations across India
👉🏿Raspberry Pi’s PIXEL Linux desktop environment now available for x86 PCs
👉🏿Facebook Partners With Top Universities to Speed Up Tech Research
👉🏿OnePlus adds VoLTE support to the OnePlus 2 with December security update
👉🏿Uber launches electric fleet of Teslas as self-driving California cars are cancelled#newsFacebook: @OfficerShaikh
Twitter : @ThisIsShaikh

News today in tech update :

​👉🏿Lenovo Launching Yoga Book 2-in-1 Hybrid With Chrome OS In Early 2017
👉🏿Super Mario Run just became the fastest iOS game to reach 25 million downloads
👉🏿Djay Pro is now on the iPhone
👉🏿Uber now lets you set a person, not a place, as your destination
👉🏿Apple now offering refurbished Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2
👉🏿Netflix Twitter Account Gets Hacked
👉🏿Pokemon Go may be getting a special Christmas event
👉🏿Microsoft SharePoint-OneDrive sync now due in January 2017 #newsFacebook : @OfficerShaikh
Twitter   :   @ThisIsShaikh

News today in tech update :

​👉🏿Twitter is experimenting with breaking news alerts
👉🏿Google’s Latest Self-Driving Car Is a Hybrid Minivan
👉🏿Facebook Messenger adds group video chatting on iOS and Android
👉🏿VSCO for iOS updated with full support for RAW image capturing and editing
👉🏿Facebook For Android Lets Users Add Color To Posts
👉🏿Nintendo Shares Fall Following Super Mario Run’s Release#newsTwitter : @ThisIsShaikhFacebook : @OfficerShaikh

News today in tech update:

​👉🏿Apple, Facebook, Google and Uber say they won’t help Trump build a registry of Muslim-Americans
👉🏿Apple AirPods now shipping to preorder customers
👉🏿Amazon’s new look for Fire TV is rolling out now
👉🏿Chrooma Keyboard beta uses neural network for improved accuracy
👉🏿Vine Will Continue To Live On As A Standalone Camera App
👉🏿Google Maps now shows wheelchair accessibility info for locations
👉🏿Chrome OS version of Lenovo Yoga Book coming next year
👉🏿BlackBerry is dead.
👉🏿iOS 10.2 seems to bring the performance and stability that Apple users both expect and deserve. #news

News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

​👉🏿Super Mario Run will hit the the App Store around 1PM ET today
👉🏿WhatsApp will soon let you edit and revoke sent messages
👉🏿Messenger launches Snapchat-style customisable pictures and video
👉🏿Fitbit will keep Pebble’s services running through 2017
👉🏿Samsung to pre-install Samsung Pay on (almost) all of its phones next year
👉🏿New Skype Android App Supports Phone Calls And SMS
👉🏿Super Mario Run is now available for free on the App Store #news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 👍 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

​👉🏿Xiaomi launches its first virtual reality headset in India at Rs 999
👉🏿Amazon launches Prime Video globally, leaves out China
👉🏿Microsoft’s first Amazon Echo competitor will be available in 2017
👉🏿Apple releases iOS 10.2.1 beta 1 for developers
👉🏿Instagram now lets you bookmark photos and videos
👉🏿Nova Launcher 5.0 rolls out with new Pixel-style search bar and more #news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

​#17:   What does the S stand for in Mrs?

​#17:   What does the S stand for in Mrs?
In the United States and Canada a period is used (see Abbreviation). Mrs originated as a contraction of the honorific Mistress, the feminine of Mister, or Master, which was originally applied to both married and unmarried women. The split into Mrs for married women from Ms and Miss began during the 17th century.#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

#16:   How many Sudoku puzzles are there?

#16:   How many Sudoku puzzles are there?There are a total of 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 possible solutions, yet when mathematicians took away rotations, reflections, permutations and relabeling, which takes away the same puzzle in just a different form, the number of solutions was 5,472,730,538.#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

​👉🏿Apple’s wireless AirPods are now on sale
👉🏿Pokémon GO to officially launch in India on December 14 in partnership with Reliance Jio
👉🏿Apple officially delays Beats X release until February
👉🏿You can now Shazam a song from within Snapchat
👉🏿Motorola Moto X Play with Android 7.1 Nougat spotted online
👉🏿Android and Chrome OS merger won’t happen
👉🏿Snapchat Groups will let you chat with 16 friends at once#news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

👉🏿Skype translations now work with calls to phone lines
👉🏿Google Home receiving support for Netflix and Google Photos
👉🏿Samsung may begin producing semiconductors for Tesla
👉🏿Netflix VR App For Daydream View Headset Now Available
👉🏿Super Nintendo World Confirmed For Universal Studios Japan
👉🏿Microsoft to bring Cortana to IoT devices with screens in 2017 #news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 👍 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

#15:  How long would it take you to run around the world?

#15:  How long would it take you to run around the world?
Hence, Earth circumference is 2*Pi*r is about 40,030 km. Now is up to you to decide the amount of running per day. If you run a marathon 42.2 km per day, you'll be done in around 2.5 years.#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

​👉🏿The Black Pearl Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is Now Official
👉🏿Affinity Photo image editing app is now out for Windows
👉🏿Galaxy S8 tipped to be bezel-less like the Xiaomi Mi Mix
👉🏿Twitter is banning the bots that feed off Trump’s tweets
👉🏿macOS 10.12.2 Will Reportedly Fix MacBook Pro Graphics Issue
👉🏿Apple Music now boasts more than 20 million subscribers
👉🏿Bluetooth 5 launches and it’s a lot more powerful #news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

#👉 *India has the largest number of political parties in the world:

# 👉 *🇮🇳 India has the largest number of political parties in the world - over a massive 1,900, according to the chief election commissioner. However, over 400 of such parties have never contested any election. It is believed that these may be conduits for turning black money into white. The Election Commission has now started an exercise to strike off such parties from its list!
#ShaikhInside 🃏 #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh #ShaikhForMake 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

👉🏿Apple reportedly introducing a red chassis color option with new ‘iPhone 7s’ in 2017
👉🏿Pebble Is Dead, and Its Customers Are Completely Screwed
👉🏿Google Duo gets some major video improvements with 5.0 update
👉🏿HTC 10 Android 7.0 kernel code available for unlocked devices
👉🏿Pokemon GO getting new Pokemon soon
👉🏿Apple Single Sign-On for iOS, Apple TV goes live
👉🏿You can now tweet emoji @Google to search stuff #news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

👉🏿You can now remove followers on Instagram and will soon be able to turn off commenting too
👉🏿North Korea 'hacks South's military cyber command'
👉🏿Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft to create shared database against terrorist content
👉🏿Samsung’s Galaxy S8 may ditch the headphone jack and home button
👉🏿Nougat OTA update for unlocked HTC One M9 begins rolling out tonight
👉🏿Google finally brings Pixel features to the Nexus line
👉🏿Dropbox now lets paid users download folders for offline use #news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

👉🏿Google Allo gets Hindi language support
👉🏿Uber creates an AI lab to help fuel its self-driving dreams
👉🏿Google’s Trusted Contacts app lets people know you’re safe
👉🏿CyanogenMod 14.1 now available for Nexus 5, Galaxy S3, Nextbit Robin and more
👉🏿Waterproof LG G6 May Also Feature Wireless Charging #news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

*** Over 1 million Android devices have become victims of mass malware hidden in apps called Gooligan.  ]]> #ShaikhInside 

Over 1 million Android devices have become victims of mass malware hidden in apps called Gooligan.  ]]>#ShaikhInside 

News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

👉🏿Snapchat Gets Artsy with Custom Miami Art Week Geofilters
👉🏿Hulu is now offering its originals and Bond in 4K
👉🏿‘Really Blue” Google Pixel is finally back in stock
👉🏿Facebook donating $20 million to affordable housing, job training in Menlo Park
👉🏿WhatsApp Will Reportedly End Support For Older Devices By End Of 2016
👉🏿Windows 10 Creators Update to include new accessibility features for braille, narration
👉🏿Flash’s slow death continues with Chrome 55#news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

👉🏿Popular app Airdroid is riddled with security holes
👉🏿99 Percent of Fake Apple Chargers Sold Online Fail Safety Tests
👉🏿Twitter buys startup Yes, Inc. and scores a new VP of product in the process
👉🏿USB Killer, yours for $50, lets you easily fry almost every device
👉🏿LG appoints new CEO to revitalize its mobile business
👉🏿Action Launcher 3 beta update brings more customization options
👉🏿iTunes App Store Switches To Local Currency For 8 Countries
👉🏿Gooligan Android malware grabs a million Google accounts in huge Google Play fraud #news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 👍 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

👉🏿Nokia's phones return with Android in early 2017
👉🏿Apple Plans to Use Data-Collecting Drones in Order to ‘Catch Up’ With Google Maps
👉🏿The Third Nikon Camera Ever Built Just Sold For $406,000 in Auction
👉🏿“Ok Google” voice commands now supported by Android Auto
👉🏿Sony rolling out the Nougat update for Xperia XZ
👉🏿Pokemon Go is finally getting its Nearby tracking feature back
👉🏿Twitter now lets you create Moments on your phone #news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram🌍 Blog

News 📰 Today In Tech Updates :

​👉🏿Netflix enables downloads of select content for offline viewing on iOS, Android
👉🏿YouTube adds 4K support for livestreams
👉🏿Amazon launches Amazon AI to bring its machine learning smarts to developers
👉🏿AirPods expected to ship in next few weeks
👉🏿Malicious Apps Infect More Than One Million Google Accounts
👉🏿India has built the world’s largest solar power plant#news#ShaikhInside #ShaikhForMake #ThisIsShaikh #OfficerShaikh 🌍 Facebook🌍 Twitter🌍 Instagram

Popular Posts Of Shaikh Inside Blog

News Today In Tech Update : 10- March, 2018

Tech News By Shaikh Inside
News Today In Tech Update : 10- March, 2018 👉Smartphones Will Have Different Shapes in Near Future: HTC Co-Founder

👉Waymo Also Has Self-Driving Trucks On the Road

👉Acer was Top Gaming PC Brand in India in Q4 2017

👉Amazon's Alexa Can Now Answer Follow-Up Questions

👉Galaxy S9, S9+ Get March 2018 Security Update; Beats iPhone X in LTE Speeds

👉Xiaomi Redmi 5 Will Be An Amazon Exclusive in India At Launch

👉Bolt App Lock by Facebook's Onavo Tracks Your App Usage Under the Guise of Privacy

👉Intel Considering Possible Bid to Acquire Broadcom, Which Is Going After Qualcomm

👉Netflix Testing 'Patches' Feature to Rewards Kids for Binge Watching

👉Airtel Payments Bank Fined ₹5 Crore for Violating Aadhaar Biometric KYC Rules

👉Team Substratum Launches Petition To Reverse Android P Theming Changes

👉Instagram’s Upcoming Portrait Mode Feature Is Called ‘Focus’

👉Reliance Retail Invests $7 Million in KaiOS Which Powers JioPhone and Nokia…

Reliance Jio Republic Day Offer: Per day data limit hiked by 500 MB on budget plans: Shaikh Inside

Reliance Jio Republic Day Offer: Per day data limit hiked by 500 MB on budget plans: Shaikh Inside
Reliance JIO Infocomm (Jio) has revised its tariff plans for the second time in two weeks, offering 500 Mb more data at the same price points, saying it was bettering bitter rival Bharti Airtel's recent offers, underlining the continuing tariff war which will hurt average revenue per user further.
The Mukesh Ambani-led telco, with some 160 million users, Tuesday said customers who were getting 1GB a day for Rs 149, Rs 349, Rs 399 andRs 449 plans will now get 1.5 GB every day with validity of 28 days, 70 days, 84 days and 91 days, respectively.
Subscribers will get 2GB a day instead of 1.5GB per day if they opt for plans priced at Rs 198, Rs 398, Rs 448 and Rs 498 with a validity of 28 days, 70 days, 84 days and 91 days, respectively. "These plans have been launched as a response to Airtel's tariff changes," a company executive said. The new offers are effective January …

Airtel Rs 399 recharge offer now has 84 days validity, total of 84GB data: Shaikh Inside

Airtel Rs 399 recharge offer now has 84 days validity, total of 84GB data : Shaikh Inside
Airtel has revamped its Rs 399 recharge plan with unlimited calls and 1GB daily data to increase the validity to 84 days from the current 70 days. This will now compete with Jio's Rs 399 plan.
Airtel has revamped its Rs 399 recharge plan with unlimited calls and 1GB daily data to increase the validity to 84 days from the current 70 days.
Airtel has revamped its Rs 399 recharge plan with unlimited calls and 1GB daily data and increased the validity to 84 days from the current 70 days. While we were unable to see the 84 day validity limit on a Delhi Airtel number for this Rs 399 plan, other news publications have posted screenshots with the new validity. Airtel has not yet officially confirmed if the plan’s validity has been changed.
The Rs 399 plan now effectively offers 84GB of data, given this has 1GB data per day. The plan is applicable on both 3G/4G networks and includes unlimited calls on b…

News Today In Tech Update : 10- December, 2017

TECH News by : @ShaikhInside👉🏿Apple 'to buy Shazam for $400m'👉🏿Rolls-Royce Pulls Sketpa Ad After Seatbelt Flop👉🏿Google’s New Search Feature Will Make Asking Questions So Much More Fun👉🏿Facebook shares its sexual harassment policy👉🏿Micromax Bharat 1 can run WhatsApp, and that’s a big win over the Reliance JioPhone👉🏿Kaspersky Closes DC Office, Says It Is ‘No Longer Viable’ to Work With Federal Government
#newsFollow Me On Twitter @ThisIsShaikhLike Facebook Page @ShaikhInside

News Today In Tech Update : 30- January, 2018

TECH NEWS BY @ShaikhInside👉Xiaomi Releases Android KitKat-based MIUI 9 for the Redmi 1s👉Jio Reportedly Working with MediaTek on an Android Oreo Go Smartphone👉Xiaomi Mi A1 Kernel Sources Finally Released👉HMD Global Launches the Nokia 3310 4G Variant in China👉The Next Borderlands Game May Include The Boring Company's $500 Flamethrower👉New York Attorney General Opens an Investigation on Fake Follower Factory Devumi👉Instagram May Soon Introduce Video Calling in Direct Messages👉Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops Have a Vulnerable Fingerprint Sensor👉Qualcomm Will Pay $800 Million Anti-Trust Fine in Taiwan in Installments👉Tesla Cars Will Soon Adjust Their Sound System According to Ambient Noise👉UK To Fine Companies Up To $24 Million If They Don't Meet Cybersecurity Standards👉Volvo to Launch its First Electric Car Next Year: Report👉Samsung Electronics Launches 800GB Z-SSD for AI and IoT Applications👉Microsoft Acquires Gaming Services Startup PlayFabDon't forget to share

These 10 sites allow legal and free software download : Shaikh Inside

These 10 sites allow legal and free software download : Shaikh Inside

Software can be expensive; very often a single-copylicense can cost much more than what you paid for your computer. Thankfully, there are bona fide internet resources from where you can get free and legal software that meet your needs.

1- Ninite
If you have bought a new computer, Ninite is a one-stop shop that allows you to install a whole bunch of utilities and tools in a single swoop. On its main page, you will find over 80 titlesin categories such a web browsers, media players, photo imagers, office productivity suites, security tools, and utilities.

Select whatever software you want, and Ninite creates a single installation file which you will need to download and run. From here on, the service does the rest. It picks the right 32- or 64-bit version of the software for your PC and it even opts out of third-party toolbars and add-on prompts that appear in the middle of an installation process.

The Nini…

News Today In Tech Update : 27- January, 2018

News Today In Tech Update : 27- January, 2018

TECH NEWS BY @ShaikhInside

👉Lenovo Announces Virtual Reality Classroom; Comes with Mirage Solo Headset

👉Overwatch Developer to Crackdown Bad Behavior via Players' YouTube Videos

👉Reliance Jio Looking to Grab Exclusive Rights to Sell Xiaomi TVs in India

👉Intel's Next-Gen Chips to Feature Built-in Protection Against Spectre & Meltdown

👉Nokia 7 Plus with Snapdragon 660 Spotted on Geekbench; Tipped for MWC Launch

👉Rebble Plans To Keep Pebble Smartwatches Running Even After Support Ends

👉Apple Said to Launch Only One OLED iPhone This Year

👉Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Now Allows Trading in Real Time

👉Samsung Wants to Use Your Blood Pressure to Authenticate Device Access

👉YouTube Ads Affected by Malicious Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts

👉Twitter Now Allows Publishers to Sponsor Moments

👉Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Break Cover, Resemble Galaxy S8

👉Chrome OS-powered Acer Tablet Apparently Leaked at BETT 2018

👉Facebook Launches Gaming Creato…

News Today In Tech Update : March 31, 2018

Tech News By Shaikh Inside
News Today In Tech Update : March 31, 2018 👉Niantic to Pay out over $1.5M to Settle Pokemon Go Fest Lawsuit

👉Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus Stop by the FCC

👉Moto G6, G6 Play Specs Leak in Retail Listing Ahead of Official Launch

👉Tesla Confirms Autopilot Was On During Last Week’s Fatal Crash

👉Japan Display to Raise Over $500M to Secure Next-Gen iPhone Orders

👉Tech Giants Nerd Out On April Fool’s Pranks: PeiCoin, Ola News Network and More!

👉The HP Omen 25 Monitor May Not Have a 144Hz Display As Advertised

👉Epic Games Is Telling Kids to Stop Playing Fortnite in Class

👉Apple Patent Details Next-Gen VR Experience for Autonomous Vehicles

👉Delhi Police Seeks Help From Google, WhatsApp in Major CBSE Paper Leak Case

👉IRCTC Working on Its Own Payment Gateway Codenamed 'iPay'

👉Drupal Issues Security Update for Critical Vulnerability Affecting Million-Plus Sites

👉LineageOS 15.1 Oreo arrives on the OnePlus 2, Pixel C, Nexus 6

👉Huawei P20 Pro Outshoots…

News Today In Tech Update : 12- March, 2018

Tech News By Shaikh Inside
News Today In Tech Update : 12- March, 2018 👉Facebook Must Reinvent Itself, Says Co-Founder Chris Hughes

👉Broadcom to Redomicile to US Just As Qualcomm Shareholders Prepare to Meet

👉Samsung’s 146-Inch Modular 'The Wall' TV Will Launch in August This Year

👉Allo's Desktop Client Will Soon Work Without a Phone Connection

👉HBO's Westworld Mobile Game to Launch in April, Pre-Register Now

👉Huawei Y9 (2018) with Quad Cameras Launched in Thailand

👉Nokia 9 to Sport a Notch and an Under-Display Fingerprint Scanner: Report

👉'Xiaomi Dipper' with Snapdragon 845, 6GB RAM Appears on Geekbench

👉Google Pixel Buds to Receive 'Triple Tap to Turn Off' and Other New Gestures

👉Panasonic Hopes to Help Inexperienced Workers with Its New Pair of Smart Glasses

👉'Microsoft Edition' of Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus Now Available for Pre-Orders

👉Tesla Chief Elon Musk Says He’s Inspired by Kanye West

👉Hospitals Under Increasing Thre…

News Today In Tech Update : 21- March, 2018

Tech News By Shaikh Inside
News Today In Tech Update : 21- March, 2018 👉Apple Has More Self-Driving Vehicles Than Waymo and Uber

👉LineageSDK Opens Up LineageOS Custom ROM Features For App Makers

👉Former Uber Chief Kalanick Will Now Lead a Real Estate Startup City Storage Systems

👉Google Phone App Updated to Show System Settings for Sound and Vibration

👉Acer Predator Orion 9000 Desktop PC Brings Top-Tier Gaming Hardware For Rs 3,19,999

👉OnePlus 6 Pricing and Specs Leaked, Said to Be Priced at $749

👉Even LinkedIn Cannot Resist Copying Snapchat-Style Filters for Videos

👉Skype for Mobile Gets TripAdvisor and StubHub Integrations

👉Alphabet’s Jigsaw Launches ‘Outline’ Open Source VPN App for Android, Windows

👉Telegram Ordered to Share Encryption Keys with FSB; Could Get Blocked in Russia

👉Siri Integration Now Works with Tesla Model 3

👉WhatsApp Co-Founder Brian Acton Says It’s Time to #DeleteFacebook

👉‘Elliot Alderson’ Releases Source Code of Aadhaar Search Engine To Spot Leaks